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Yuliang Sun

Lingüística teórica y aplicada
Investigador predoctoral
Grau de Lingüística
Servei de Tecnologia Lingüística

I was born in Suzhou, China and graduated with the degree of philology of Spanish from Nanjing University Jinling College (2010). After that, I taught Mandarin Chinese as foreign language in the Confucius Institute of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2010-2011). Then I returned to China and worked during three years as Spanish teacher in the Department of Spanish of Nanjing University Jinling College (2011-2014).  I completed my M.A. at Leiden University (2014-2015) in Netherlands and since 2016 I am doing my phD program at Universitat de Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Lourdes Díaz Rodríguez and Dr. Mariona Taulé Delor.


My research focus on "the acquisition of Spanish past aspectual tense by Chinese learners”since my M.A.  At the present, my research is specialized about the writing data of Spanish from the Chinese Learners. As the difference in the tense and aspect system between Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, I am interested in the role their mother language played in the acquisition of Spanish past aspectual tense as second language in both the writing and oral production, as well as their comprehension of Spanish. 

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