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'Epistemic and evidential textures in discourse: effects of register and debatability'

González, Montserrat; Roseano, Paolo; Borràs-Comes, Joan; Prieto, Pilar
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Lingua 186-187: 68-87
ISSN 1872-6135

The present study approaches the indexing of epistemicity and evidentiality from the point of view of register by analyzing a total of 30 oral and 30 written productions of two opinion reports (one dealing with a debatable issue and the other with a nondebatable issue) produced by 15 Catalan speakers. The main aim of the paper is to test the potential effects of register (i.e., oral vs. written discourse) and debatability (i.e., debatable vs. nondebatable issue) on the discourse marking of evidentiality and epistemicity.


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