Extending Automatic Discourse Segmentation for Texts in Spanish to Catalan

Iria da Cunha, Eric SanJuan, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, Irene Castellón, Marina Lloberes
Membres Autors: 
2 016
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Modeling, Learning and Mining for Cross/Multilinguality (MultiLingMine 2016), p. 36-45

At present, automatic discourse analysis is a relevant research topic in the field of NLP. However, discourse is one of the phenomena most difficult to process. Although discourse parsers have been already developed for several languages, this tool does not exist for Catalan. In order to implement this kind of parser, the first step is to develop a discourse segmenter. In this article we present the first discourse segmenter for texts in Catalan. This segmenter is based on Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) for Spanish, and uses lexical and syntactic information to translate rules valid for Spanish into rules for Catalan. We have evaluated the system by using a gold standard corpus including manually segmented texts and results are promising. 

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