'The encoding of epistemic operations in two Romance languages: intonation and pragmatic markers.

Prieto, P.; Roseano, P.
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2 016
J. Barnes, A. Brugos, S. Shattuck-Hufnagel, N. Veilleux (eds.): Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2016, pp. 888-982 (Boston, May 31-June 4, 2016)
Boston, Boston University
ISSN 2333-2042

In this article, we focus on two languages within the Romance group (Catalan and Friulian) that have been reported to use intonation and pragmatic markers to different extents to mark epistemic meanings (e.g., [17], [18]). A total of 15 speakers per language were asked to participate in a Discourse Completion Task designed to elicit statements with several degrees of speaker commitment. The results show that Catalan and Friulian display an asymmetry in the marking of epistemically-biased statements: while Catalan uses a greater variety of stance-marking intonation contours, Friulian uses a more varied set of stance-marking modal particles and a more restricted set of intonation contours. 

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