'Iarg-AnCora: Spanish corpus annotated with implicit arguments'

Taulé, Mariona, Aina Peris, Horacio Rodríguez
Membres Autors: 
Language Resources and Evaluation, Vol. 50(3): 549-584
Springer-Verlag, Netherlands
DOI: 10.1007/s10579-015-9334-3

This article presents the Spanish Iarg-AnCora corpus (400 k-words, 13,883 sentences) annotated with the implicit arguments of deverbal nominalizations (18,397 occurrences). We describe the methodology used to create it, focusing on the annotation scheme and criteria adopted. The corpus was manually annotated and an interannotator agreement test was conducted (81 % observed agreement) in order to ensure the reliability of the final resource. The annotation of implicit arguments results in an important gain in argument and thematic role coverage (128 % on average). It is the first corpus annotated with implicit arguments for the Spanish language with a wide coverage that is freely available. This corpus can subsequently be used by machine learning-based semantic role labeling systems, and for the linguistic analysis of implicit arguments grounded on real data. Semantic analyzers are essential components of current language technology applications, which need to obtain a deeper understanding of the text in order to make inferences at the highest level to obtain qualitative improvements in the results.